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CARD 050 front view
"Zigzag Zebra...in pink!"
There is a proverb in Dutch which, loosely translated, says that in May, every bird lays an egg. Whoever invented that one was closely related to my family because we have lots of birthdays in May, plus a lot of my friends were born in May and then some smarty pants went ahead and put Mother's Day on the second Sunday in May as well. Pppffffffffffffff. That's a lot of card designs to invent in a short space of time!

Anyways, I think this one turned out rather well. Pink & green lined scrap paper was glued onto card stock, onto which I added a green ribbon, a pink one and two buttons. I glued a printed wish onto self-made green watercolour backing paper, then stitched a zigzag stitch on there with the sewing machine. I didn't like the white thread I'd used, so pulled that out and replaced it with a light brown one which I hand-stitched.
The photograph - cut out from one taken of a bouquet of tulips - was printed onto photo paper, then glued onto the same green watercolour backing paper. Once I stuck that onto the card, I felt it could do with some zigzag stitching 'round the edges as well!