Hello and welcome to kjforiginals.com!

As you may or may not know, I come from a very creative family and - luckily for me (and for my "audience"?!?) - it seems as if some of that creativeness has rubbed off. For the last 20 years or so I have tried my hand at a multitude of arts & crafts and have schlepped part of my creations around to show everyone.

At one point, I imagined a more "weight&size-friendly" way of showing my handiwork in the form of a website... but I'm no website designer. Or at least, I wasn't - until my computer guru Dad (a few grey hairs richer from my years of "conceiving" these pages) found this funky little website creation program which I could finally get my head 'round.

Bravely I went about learning the software (very simple) and I had an outline set up very quickly. In my own (yeah, OK, "signature") way I announced to everyone that my site was finally coming...until I started gathering all the things I've made over the years to photograph them to be posted. I couldn't remember I'd created so much until I saw it all together :-S!!! So here is delay # 329: it will take a while to get all this photographed, hehehe! Now I've got a few extra grey hairs :-(

Not to worry: a selection of my creations is already on here to have a look at, and I will devote myself to picturing the rest of the stash - which means you will have to come 'round regularly to check out the new items. Promise?

I'm really happy to see you here today. Why don't you come on in and I'll hang up your coat? Take your shoes off, wiggle your toes - I bet it's been a hectic day. Here, sink into this couch, sit back and
relax. Take a few deep breaths… nibble a cookie…and enjoy this "emporium of colour
and creation" …

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Thank you...
...to my Dad for his invaluable help in setting up this website; to the family members and friends who helped with advice and insight during the "birthing process"; to Century Designs for hosting it; ...
...to my family and friends for loving me just as I am and for encouraging my creativity; to the colourful world around me and the many artists in it for inspiring me; ...

11 February 2008