Iíve been trying to think back and remember how long Iíve been making jewellery, and it must be since my early teens, about 20 years ago.

I am horrible in a bead shop: there are so many shapes and sizes and colours and textures to choose from, that I generally canít decide and just buy a huge selection. So I have a whole cupboard full of beads and would you believe that when I start a project there is always just that one crucial item missing, so I need to head off to the bead shop again (and return home with more than that crucial item, of course? :-)) Ah well, "beads Ďr us", I guess!

If you click the links below, youíll find some of my still existing creations (thatís the fun of it: when I'm fed up with an item, I just cut it up and re-use the beads in something elseÖ).

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