I got my very first camera at the age of about 12, I think...an - at that time - very sophisticated full size Nikon FG. I loved taking pictures with it, but of course in those times each click of the shutter meant money down the drain, so I paced myself and only used it "sensibly".

The Nikon has been in the cupboard for years and years and I was happy to let others in my life do the photographing. I came to digital photography very late when I bought my super-de-luxe very flat point&shoot Sony last spring, and I've been going strong ever since. The fun of it is that once you make the initial investment on a camera and a few memory cards, the rest is all free/gratis/gratuit/costs nada. No matter if you take one picture or a thousand. And what's even better - I actually point and shoot (don't worry - no casualties!): I don't fiddle with anything but distance and flash settings, and the results are fairly OK to my untrained eye. Yeehaw!

I love photographs because they capture a moment. My favourites are scenic pictures, or close ups, with lots of colour.

Let's see whether I can produce something nice to look at: click the link below for a preview of things to come.

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